Excel: The Tool for Internal Auditors

Posted by Lior Weinstein on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013
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Excel: The Tool for Internal Auditors
The New Internal Auditor

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May is International Internal Audit Awareness Month. Internal auditors have a difficult job to do. It can be made easier by Excel, but the work of an internal auditor can be made even easier with a PDF to Excel converter.









Many business people hear the word “audit”, and it strikes fear into their hearts. Internal audits can be a frightening procedure, but they are a benefit in many ways. An internal audit is conducted by an in-house auditor who is educated and certified. An audit can help any type of business get on track and stay on track by uncovering vulnerabilities and even fraud and embezzlement in your organization.

It is always better to have an internal auditor looking over your books than waiting until something happens and an external auditor from the IRS or a government agency start to poke around in your business. When iconic companies such as Hostess, the maker of Twinkies files for bankruptcy because they can’t weather financial impacts such as labor disputes, it makes you realize the value of an internal audit to strengthen your finances.

Some companies are required after an external audit to have monitorships, which means that someone is looking over your corporate shoulder for months or years to come.

Model for Effective Audit Committee

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According to the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), the services that an auditor can provide to your company are invaluable:

  • Evaluating Risks
  • Confirming Information
  • Analyzing Operations
  • Reviewing Compliance
  • Recommending Controls
  • Assuring Safeguards

If you are an internal auditor or are considering a career in this fine profession, you must meet certain qualifications and pass the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam provided by the IIA.

The organization is holding their annual conference, The IIA’s 2013 International Conference from July 14–17, in Orlando, Florida.


It goes without saying that auditors of all kinds have to be experienced with Excel. In fact, the IIA has 54 articles on Excel in a search of their website. It isn’t enough to know how to use spreadsheets, you should also be familiar with the ins and outs of Adobe and PDFs.

There probably isn’t an occupation that has more use for a PDF to Excel converter. Internal auditors may also be Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). An internal auditor checks the other accounting department personnel’s work. You aren’t allowed to audit your own work.

It’s not just about the numbers. Auditors conduct interviews, which requires note taking. They review transactions and signatures on documents. Auditors have to go through so many documents and match those up with the books.

By using a PDF to Excel converter, internal auditors can make their job faster, easier and more accurate. Accuracy and detail are everything to an internal auditor and the businesses that they help with risk management and internal controls.

Proud to be an Internal Auditor

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We would like to take the opportunity today to recognize the work that internal auditors do. We thank them for their ethics, their professionalism and their help in making our companies stronger and more secure.

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