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Leading provider of data conversion software,
enabling organizational data to be used and reused

About Us

Leave work early…

Back in 2000, a simple idea was formed that launched the creation of our signature product, PDF2XL. CogniView was born with a simple philosophy – to offer a priceless resource that won’t compromise the quality of your professional work.

Since then, CogniView and PDF2XL have both taken on some major changes. New ownership resulted in transitioning the company from its original headquarters in Israel to becoming a US-based business under the PDF2XL brand. Incredible advancements under the watchful eye of a hands-on CEO and determined development team have turned PDF2XL into the unparalleled data conversion tool our customers know and love.

Our devoted crew continues to provide superior service and will go above and beyond to make sure you get to leave work early.

Meet the PDF2XL Team

Lior Weinstein


As an entrepreneur, I’ve managed to create and help startups dealing in all business layers from programming through product to legal and business development in various industries including software, web, entertainment and mobile. Concepts I created have evolved to products being used by over 400 million people globally. Helping is at the core of everything I do

Colleen Ludgate

Vice President

I believe that we lead by example, and that means being the kind of team player that you expect from everyone else. In addition to my responsibilities overseeing the daily operations for PDF2XL, you will find me actively communicating and assisting our customers with any questions or issues they may have.The secret to being great at customer service is to be a customer first.

Gustavo Schirmer dos Santos

Lead Developer

For more than 20 years I have maintained leading positions in information technology, research and development companies, in the metal-mechanic sector and in the Judiciary. Today, I head the development team for PDF2XL and strive for perfection and innovation to provide the most advantageous benefits to our clients.

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