The Freelance Artist’s Friend: A PDF to Excel Converter

Posted by Lior Weinstein on Tuesday, Jun 11th, 2013
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The Freelance Artist’s Friend: A PDF to Excel Converter
Make Your Art Your Business

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Being a freelance anything is a difficult path to follow. Being a freelance artist is even more difficult, because artists often aren’t recognized for their contribution in the way that they should be. By using a PDF to Excel converter you can save your creativity for the canvas, paper or clay and let software make the record keeping process easier.





It’s difficult to make a living as an artist. The work is inconsistent and you have to be a jack of all trades. Many artists have to apply for grants in order to even hold their head above water. Foundations that provide these grants often want accountability to show what you did with the funds you received. The best way to keep track of this is with a spreadsheet. Not all artistic types are good with finances. That isn’t a stereotype, it is just a fact. Some people are right brain and some are left.

If you have an artistic soul, you still have to make a living. You may be on a tight budget, which is why you should really be keeping track of expenses and sales. A PDF to Excel converter can help make that process easier.

You can take all your expense receipts and convert them to your spreadsheet. You can do the same with sales invoices. That way, when it comes to filling out those grant reports, or doing your taxes, you have everything in one place. It’s easy to see how much money is coming and going in Excel.

Taxes & Bookkeeping for Artists – Steven Goldglit from New York Academy of Art on Vimeo.

A PDF to Excel converter also allows you to keep track of all those important contacts. Networking is important when it comes to making a name for yourself. Sometimes the most popular artists aren’t the ones who make the most stunning works of art, they are the people who know how to get their name on the tongues of critics and the important people in the art world.

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It’s also an organized way to send out mailing lists for upcoming events, since you have all of your contacts in one spreadsheet.

If you work as a freelance artist or graphic designer and do jobs for a number clients, it is important to note information from the client and deadlines.

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You can use a PDF to Excel converter in many more creative ways. If you do art that requires a lot of measuring or planning, a spreadsheet is a great way to do that. For example, it makes it easy to plan out a project that uses tessellations.

Don’t be intimidated. Excel isn’t just for accountants. Creative people always find innovative uses for tools and technology and you’ll be able to let your mind wander to the creative side when you allow software to do the other work for you.

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