Beat the Blogging Blues with a PDF to Excel Converter

Posted by Lior Weinstein on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013
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Beat the Blogging Blues with a PDF to Excel Converter
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We all read blogs. You are reading this one now. Many of us also write blogs for our companies as freelance writers or to share our personal thoughts, events and ideas. The key to successful blog writing is coming up with fresh ideas every day. That requires research. The best way to organize those ideas is with a PDF to Excel converter.








Some people start a blog and lose interest because it is not as easy as it looks. On the other hand, a bit of planning and creativity makes it a lot easier. If you write a daily blog, you need to keep up with current events. That means subscribing to Google Alerts and other services that send you updates on daily news based on your topic. You probably scour the Internet looking for story ideas. You could save all those pages in your bookmarks, but soon you will have so many bookmarks that finding the one you want becomes a pain and slows you down.

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You could print out those pages, but you would be wasting time, paper and ink. If you want to take a quote from someone’s page, you’ll have to write it out, and you might end up misquoting the person.

By using a PDF to Excel converter, you can copy and paste those pages into a Word Document or download a PDF from the Internet and convert them to an Excel spreadsheet.

A spreadsheet is a very important component of blog writing. It allows you to make an editorial schedule where you can include titles, links and summaries of future blogs. This way, if you think of something you want to write about next week, you know where to look. Coming up with ideas is great, but as you know, if you don’t document them right away, you often forget them.


A blog has to be well written and interesting. It has to capture people’s attention. Many businesses use blogs to keep their customers informed and educated about their products. It is a value added service.

If you are writing a professional blog, you need to get your facts right. That requires some fact checking. You can document your research in your spreadsheet and that way if anyone questions your statement, you can go back and pull up the information.

There are almost as many people giving advice on blogging as there are bloggers. We aren’t going to go that route, you can check out the numerous blogs on blogging yourself.

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We just want to help you organize and prepare for your writing so that you save time. This is the digital age. Anyone can be a blogger, you don’t have to be a professional writer, unless you are being paid to blog. You don’t have to be a tech person to sign up to blogging platforms like Blogger or WordPress. You also don’t have to be a technological whiz to use a PDF to Excel converter. This innovative software was made for people like you and me. We want to spend our time researching and writing, not figuring out how to use software. That way we can spend more time writing about our favorite topics, whether it’s fashion, food, gadgets or software.

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