Leave the Office Early by Using a PDF to Excel Converter

Posted by Lior Weinstein on Monday, Jun 3rd, 2013
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Leave the Office Early by Using a PDF to Excel Converter
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Today is National Leave the Office Early Day. We rarely think about leaving our office early on a Monday. This is usually one of the busiest work days. What better time to reduce your stress and take a break?









A lot of us don’t have the choice of what hours we work. It’s nine to five on the dot and there is no room for negotiation. Or is there? Employers are changing their minds about regulating things like hours. The new paradigm in the work world is a combination of telecommuting workers, flex hours and shared jobs.

Many employers don’t want to pay for extras such as benefits, so they are willing to take on employees as contractors, or allow a different form of working relationship.

You have to decide what is best for you, but if you can show your employer that you have excellent time management skills and that you are an innovative thinker, chances are you will be able to develop a working relationship that allows you to work less hours.

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One way to prove your efficiency is by suggesting that you use a PDF to Excel converter instead of sitting there for hours inputting figures in a spreadsheet. You’ll save more time than you can imagine. If you are the kind of person who likes to drag your feet to get more money out of your  boss, think again. That never pays off in the long run. Your efficient co-worker will be the one promoted to management, which probably comes with a raise and more autonomy over work hours.

Besides, the reason you probably want to leave work early a lot of times is because you’re bored and watching the clock. Doing mundane tasks like data entry can cause even the most dedicated employee to become less than enthusiastic.


If you are an employer, consider making some changes to improve employee morale. Give your employees an hour off here or there. You could let them leave an hour early one day a week. Most people would prefer a Friday to get a start on the weekend, but if someone wants a break from a hectic Monday, why not? It’s important to keep your good employees. Having to recruit someone new costs time and money and your new employee may not be as experienced or dedicated.

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Provide your employees with the right tools for the job. Many employers don’t want to invest money in software or equipment, but using technology that increases efficiency is a money saver. Your investment will be paid off before the next pay cycle.

Not only that, but employees who are provided with technology that allows them to work easier and smarter means that they have more time to come up with creative ideas to help you improve and grow your business. When profits are increased, everyone wins.

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