The PDF To Excel Converter: The Software Stress Reliever

Posted by Lior Weinstein on Tuesday, Apr 16th, 2013
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The PDF To Excel Converter: The Software Stress Reliever

The day after tax day is designated National Stress Awareness Day. It is also National Stress Awareness Month. Stressful work situations can be alleviated by using software such as a PDF to Excel Converter. If you haven’t started using this innovative software, start now and reduce your stress.

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Did you manage to get your taxes in on time? As we mentioned yesterday, if you put off that project, it was probably because it seemed so daunting. No one likes to do taxes, unless they are an accountant or a tax preparer.

The other thing that no one likes to do is spend hours inputting data in a spreadsheet. It is tiring, boring work, and it is easy to make mistakes when you are doing this kind of work over and over again.

This leads to stress as does poor time management. When you don’t find ways to facilitate expedient work processes, you become anxious and tense. We’ve all had those times when we felt overworked and overwhelmed.

When we are stressed we tend to work less effectively, make more mistakes and become ill. We eat more comfort or junk food and gain weight. Stress leads to heart attacks, strokes, substance abuse and immune deficiencies.

Our personalities also play a part in how we deal with stress. Some people like certain kinds of work, or thrive in hectic environments, where other people like order and repetition.

Sitting at your desk all day causes back pain and all of these things can lead to a host of other health problems and chronic illness, both physical and mental, to the point where you may not be able to work at all.


By recognizing the signs and symptoms of stress and working to create an environment that is more conducive to healthy work practices, you’ll be able to get your work done faster and more accurately.

Employers should provide resources for their staff to help them achieve these goals. It starts with a comfortable work space. Even if you have a cubicle, you can make your work situation better by clearing your desk of unwanted paper, bringing in plants and ensuring you have enough natural or full spectrum light. You should have an ergonomic chair, keyboard and mouse.


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Those things are a terrific start, but if you are sitting there for eight or more hours typing in data, you need to do something to make the job easier. By using a PDF to Excel converter, you can take data from other sources such as PDF files, Word files, or scanned documents and quickly convert that information to a spreadsheet. This saves hours of time spent typing in figures.

Not only does this provide stress relief, it helps you with time management. There will be more time to get up from your desk, stretch, go for a walk or eat a healthy lunch, instead of grabbing a quick sandwich at your desk. Have dessert, if that makes you feel better.

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Take the opportunity of National Stress Awareness and start to make some changes. If, like many of us you are getting close to retirement age, you want to be able to make it to those golden years still happy and healthy enough to enjoy your retirement. Reducing stress by using innovative software allows you to spend more time planning that retirement, or even just that summer vacation.

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