Numbers Don’t Lie: 10 Benefits of Using a PDF to Excel Converter

Posted by Lior Weinstein on Friday, Apr 5th, 2013
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Numbers Don’t Lie: 10 Benefits of Using a PDF to Excel Converter
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You can do a lot of things with numbers. Some people say that numbers don’t lie, others disagree and say that you can skew statistics to fit a certain profile. Either way, it’s no lie that managing data requires an easy way to handle all those numbers. That’s where a PDF to Excel converter becomes invaluable.






There are many uses for Excel, but getting those numbers into the spreadsheet and completing your analysis, tracking your data, or managing your schedule is difficult if you have to manually input the information.

Here are ten benefits of using a PDF to Excel converter:

1. Statisticians need to be able to interpret data for their clients. They have to compile information from a number of sources in order to come up with their insights by summarizing the statistics. Much of the information that is provided to statisticians is in the form of PDF reports or other documents. Converting the data to a spreadsheet has to be done efficiently because statisticians don’t have time to fool around.



2. You may not be a statistician, but you might need to put those numbers into a chart or graph for various reasons. Maybe you are in marketing where the numbers can make or break your marketing efforts. Maybe you make infographics, like this one, where you prove a point by using numbers. Either way, you have to crunch the numbers before you add the results to your project.

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3. People have to interpret numbers for all sorts of work projects. If you are involved in supply chain management or logistics, a PDF to Excel converter is your right hand for managing your fleet or your inventory.

4. The healthcare industry understands the need for accuracy. There are so many uses for Excel: Scheduling appointments, managing research data and tracking medications or supplies.

5. From insurance brokers to real estate agents, managing a customer’s money requires organization and a fast turn around time to provide quotes. This requires using a number of databases and moving all of that information into one easy to use program that you can explain to your customers without having to have a degree in economics.

Numbers Don't Lie

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6. It isn’t all life and death in the world of Excel, it can also be about love. More and more people are planning their weddings on spreadsheets. If you are a professional wedding planner, you need a PDF to Excel converter to help you manage all that data, including those receipts, guest lists and bookings.

7. Still doing your taxes? There is no easier way to manage the deluge of a year’s worth of paper than by importing it to a spreadsheet.

8. More people are turning their hobbies into their business. If you make quilts, jewelry, embroidery, clothing or any other handcrafted item, you can benefit from using a spreadsheet as an aid. Art is going digital.

9. We are all so busy in our lives that our home and work life collide all the time now. Excel is a great time management tool, but it defeats the purpose if you sit there for hours inputting data.

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10. Keep track of your lottery numbers on Excel. Who knows? If you win you may be using a PDF to Excel converter purely for pleasure. Wouldn’t it be great to keep track of your collection of vintage cars on a spreadsheet instead of all those boring work figures? Keep dreaming!

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