No More Whining About Your Wine Cellar Management

Posted by Lior Weinstein on Tuesday, Apr 23rd, 2013
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No More Whining About Your Wine Cellar Management
Home Wine Cellar

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If you have an extensive wine cellar in your home you may be looking for a cost efficient way to keep track of your vintages. Restaurant and bar owners may not want to spend the money for an expensive wine inventory system. By using a PDF to Excel converter you can put together a spreadsheet that gives you instant access to all the information you need to manage your wine cellar.





Wine connoisseurs want to know what they have in their cellar. When you are having that special dinner, it helps to be able to pull up all the information on a spreadsheet. There are all kinds of wine cellar or inventory software programs out there but you can do the same thing with Excel. By using a PDF to Excel converter, you can add even more functions to your spreadsheet by using the converter to scan in receipts, or photographs of the wine labels or other information such as reviews that you have pulled off the Internet or found in wine aficionado magazines.

Excel is great whether you have a small wine rack or an entire cellar. It’s also perfect if you are running a bar or restaurant where you need to keep track of even more data, such as prices.

The Cornell Center of Hospitality Research uses Excel. They have even provided a template based on an Excel spreadsheet for wine cellar management.

Some of the fields that you want to track in your wine cellar are:

  • Origin
  • Variety
  • Vintages
  • Aging Potential
  • Wine Maturity
  • Ratings
  • Types of closure such as cork or screw-top
  • Purchase price
  • Number of bottles in your collection
  • Control temperature

Bar and restaurant owners can also track mark-ups and sales to see which wines are selling well.

Wine Cellar Infographic

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Wine needs to be kept at the right temperature, in the right light and humidity and in the correct position, which is why wine cellars have cubbyholes to lay the bottles on their side.

You can mark each cubbyhole or attach a tag to the bottle with a corresponding number to your database. That way, when you need a bottle you know exactly where to find it.

This system can also be used to manage your entire bar. Perhaps wine isn’t your thing. Some people like microbrewery beer or they have a penchant for special liqueurs.

Wine Tasting

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Collecting wine is a great hobby. Wine, especially red wine, is actually good for your health, in moderation.

Many people enjoy taking vacations in wine regions and going to tastings. It can also be an expensive hobby. There are many less expensive fine tasting wines and if you list your bottles by price and compare the ratings or reviews in your database, you can get an idea of which wines offer more value for the money.

You’ll be able to offer this advice to your friends and the ones who don’t know a Cabernet from a Merlot will appreciate your good taste.


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