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Posted by Lior Weinstein on Tuesday, Mar 4th, 2008
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Staying up to date with the technology field is a lot easier than it used to me. Back when I started my career at age 16 it was tough to keep up, the only source of information was expensive telephone directory weight magazines. Not ideal, especially as my weekly salary was only in double figures.

Switch to today and the problem isn’t the cost and lack of good tech information, but the wealth of free information. We are deluged and it is hard to know the truth from the rot.

My routine is to check the following sites and feeds. Depending on how much time I have will depend how far down the list I go, from the top, essential, to #4 onwards, interesting but non-essential.

Here are the top 10 tech sites that I turn to every day:

  1. TechMeme – If I am really in a rush I don’t even check my feeds, I go right to TechMeme and by scanning the front page I can get a good idea if there are any big stories today. TechMeme is a brilliant service and every niche should have an equivalent!
  2. TechCrunchFeed – With bloggers spanning the globe, TechCrunch either gets the scoop or gets the news soon after. If there is a big story you can be sure it will be on here.
  3. The RegisterFeed – Living in the UK it is nice to have a British perspective, plus tech doesn’t have to be serious.
  4. GigaOMFeed – If I have time I like to read the analysis and insight from the mighty Om
  5. ReadWriteWebFeed – I make my living from the web so a lot of my reading is focused on that. RWW is the best of the bunch.
  6. ScobleizerFeed – There are not as many occasions now where Scoble breaks a story first but it is always interesting to catch up with what he is up to. His Twitter feed is making a daily visit to Scobleizer less essential.
  7. EngadgetFeed – I’m a gadget fan but as most gadget fans will tell you, there are more gadgets arriving than hours in the day to keep up with them
  8. GizmodoFeed – Another fine gadget blog, you do need that second point of view
  9. WiredFeed – I used to buy the Wired print magazine, now when I have time I like to read online. It’s not always to my taste but some of the stuff on there is both brilliant and content you can’t find anywhere else
  10. BBCFeed – There is rarely anything on BBC tech that I would miss but there is often something new and interesting.

Which sites do you check regularly for your daily dose of Tech?

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