Improve Your Business Modeling with a PDF to Excel Converter

Posted by Lior Weinstein on Wednesday, Jun 19th, 2013
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Improve Your Business Modeling with a PDF to Excel Converter
Business Model

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Starting up a business or trying to fix what is wrong in an existing business requires a lot of planning and analysis. Business modeling with the aid of a PDF to Excel converter allows you to make informed decisions because you can see the frame work of your business, including the strengths and weaknesses laid out before you.







If you are someone who uses Excel everyday you probably complain about it every day. The spreadsheet has limitations, although not as many as doing it on paper, like the person in the lead photo. The thought of building a business model on Excel is likely to make you want to plunk down money for an expensive modeling software program that will be useless once you have your business model.

A PDF to Excel converter can help you build that business model and you can still use the innovative software for a host of other tasks.

We aren’t going to get into the nitty-gritty of everything that a business model can do, or all the working parts that make up the whole.


A good business model covers the business processes and the business objects, which encompass how these processes are done.

Can you build your own business model or do you need an expert?  You can do it yourself. There are many tutorials online that show you how to make a simple model in Excel.

Business model generation can help you analyze the metrics and determine where you have been successful and what you need to change.

There are many different models, so it depends on the type of business that you are involved in. All business models allow you to strategize and plan for the future, if done correctly.

Business Model by the Numbers

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Entrepreneur and Senior Research Associate at Harvard Law School and Director of Research at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Research Commercialization at Duke University, Vivek Wadhwa wrote an article a few years ago in TechCrunch where he said that most people have no idea what a business model really is.

His advice is still relevant. According to Vivek, business modeling is all about reaching and supporting customers and achieving customer satisfaction.

To do that, you have to be able to see the big picture, but you also can’t ignore the details like making sure product is delivered on time, that your pricing is competitive and that your marketing and sales teams are doing their jobs correctly.

Business Valuation Model Excel

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Can you really see all of that on a spreadsheet? It’s not only possible, it is done all the time. By using a PDF to Excel converter you can improve your business processes from the get-go. This software allows you to improve time management by converting all that data that is hiding in PDF files or Word documents and add it to your business model in record time.

That leaves you with free time to prove your model and move to the next level in your business.

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