Improve Employee Health and Morale With Innovative Software

Posted by Lior Weinstein on Thursday, Jun 6th, 2013
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Improve Employee Health and Morale With Innovative Software
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June is National Employee Wellness Month. If you wonder why we focus so often on employee health, it is because implementing processes that make it easier for your staff to do their job improves stamina and morale. That increases your profits.






This month, employers are encouraged to help their staff live healthy lifestyles while on the job. Many of us spend all day at our desks. Sitting is one of the worst things you can do for your body. We eat fast food at our desks and if we take a coffee break, we are usually sitting down to drink that fourth cup of coffee.

Getting exercise, eating healthy foods and improving your outlook on life are simple measures to increase your lifespan and decrease your chances of developing a number of chronic conditions. We can all work together to make that happen in the workplace.

Many employers are reluctant to spend money on ergonomic furniture or office equipment, but it is worth making sure that people are sitting correctly. An ergonomic chair, keyboard and mouse will prevent back problems, carpal tunnel and repetitive stress syndrome. A good monitor and lighting reduces eye strain.

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If your employees spend a lot of time inputting information, a PDF to Excel converter can cut down on the time that they have to spend on the keyboard. By using innovative software to make jobs such as data entry or accounting easier, your employees will benefit from less physical strain and they will also have a better outlook.

Make sure that staff gets breaks. Many companies offer a lunch and two coffee breaks, but time management systems such as the Pomodoro Technique have proven that taking a five minute break every 25 minutes improves performance.

Better time management and working conditions are important to employee morale. People who feel stressed by their workload or experience pain or fatigue don’t work as efficiently.


Offer your employees benefits such as an exercise program, healthy food choices, or bonuses for good performance that focus on healthy living. This could be in the form of a gift certificate to a gym or a spa for a day of relaxation. Give your employees a company day at an amusement park. They’ll get a lot of exercise walking around and the roller coaster at work won’t seem quite as daunting after tackling a wild ride like the Full Throttle.

If your eye is constantly on the bottom line, you have to be forward thinking. The aging population is staying in the workforce longer than ever. It’s a plus to be able to keep an employee with years of experience.

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More companies are realizing that a happy and healthy employee is an asset. If you don’t take care of your staff they may go somewhere else. Why not take a chance and invest in your people and their health.

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