How Transforming The Power Of Excel Improves Your Marketing Efforts

Posted by Lior Weinstein on Thursday, Mar 14th, 2013
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How Transforming The Power Of Excel Improves Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing managers are always looking at the numbers. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the forest for the trees, especially when those virtual trees are printed on something that was made from other trees. Streamline your processes and you’ll have more money for your marketing budget.

2013 Marketing Trends

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People who don’t understand marketing often confuse it with advertising, but there is so much more involved; market research, brand management and yes, advertising. The world of marketing is constantly evolving. You really have to be on your game. Social media and mobile marketing are the current big trends. Major companies are using social media and mobile marketing to reach a wider audience, with enormous success.

Marketers have to liaison with so many other internal and external departments and organizations that the amount of paperwork coming across their desk can be overwhelming. There are so many facets of marketing, but it can unquestionably be distilled down to one crucial element – the numbers.

If you are in marketing, whether you’re an intern starting out, or the Director of Marketing, you are probably using Excel to wrangle those numbers into a budget or forecast or analysis tool. Marketers are always searching for the answer to this question, “Is there a better way?” There is!

While some marketers are using customer relationship management (CRM) software to track data, many others don’t have access to those programs or prefer to use Excel. Even those who use Excel are frustrated by the shortcomings of the software.

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Marketing data needs to be pulled from a variety of sources, and they all seem to use different methodologies. In order to meld that data together and use it effectively, you need to be able to quickly and easily move that data into a spreadsheet. By using a PDF to Excel converter, a marketer can overcome the limitations of the Microsoft product.

You can gather information from a variety of sources. Whether you are pulling data from surveys, competitive intelligence reports, supply chain reports or your own ROE, you need to be able to quickly convert the format of these documents to a spreadsheet. With your data organized, you are free to work on your market research analysis, budgeting and forecasting reports.

Marketers are under constant pressure to deliver fast and accurate results to ensure that their product launch or their advertising efforts are successful. Market trends change as quickly as the time it takes for a YouTube video to go viral.


When you are a marketer, you are your brand. It isn’t just about the software you use to do your job, it’s how effective you are at analyzing the results and making recommendations. If you can use a tool that helps you to do that in a more efficient and uncomplicated way, that can be your little secret.

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