How to Get Promoted at Work by Letting Software Do Your Job

Posted by Lior Weinstein on Friday, Mar 1st, 2013
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During the advent of the computer age, people were worried that they were going to be replaced by computers. Has this happened? In some instances, yes, but technology has created many jobs. IT and the Internet have spawned new sectors in industry. The technologically inept are going to be left behind. Don’t let that person be you.

Old Vs. New Technology and Software

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Manage Time and Stress with Easy to Learn Software

Using software to make your job easier proves that you have technical skills that are valuable in the workforce. According to an article in Forbes Magazine, jobs such as apps developer, market research data miner and cloud computing services didn’t exist ten years ago. You don’t need to be in IT or a related field to take advantage of technology trends.

Learning new software skills will put you ahead of the competition. Many people are intimidated by learning a new software program but you don’t have to be. Most software companies realize the value of making their product user friendly. They provide tutorials and assistance on using their product.

Time Management is Considered a Core Qualification

Employers are looking for staff who can exceed expectations, meet deadlines and perform under pressure. Time management is a vital skill which affects performance. Your knowledge of common office software programs is also instrumental in working efficiently.

If you apply for any administrative position, the employer will ask if you are familiar with programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF. Employers want to hire someone who doesn’t need training in these basic programs and understands how to use software to be more effective.

Getting Promoted at Work and Time Management

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When HR conducts reference checks with past employers, one of the main questions on their list is, “Does he or she have good time management skills?”

Here’s an example – You realize that there is a program that could turn a five hour cut-and-paste-job into a ten minute job. Are you going to be out of a job because you’ve cut hours of work out of your schedule? An employee who shows that they can utilize software to reduce work time is the person who is going to be promoted and receive kudos for being proactive. Sometimes the people who work overtime just aren’t managing their time effectively.

Many top-level executives don’t have a clue about software because someone else does the work – that would be you. The competition for jobs is stiff and if you have been lagging behind while younger, more computer savvy college and university graduates make their way into the company, you could be in trouble.

Old Vs. New Technology and Software

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Save the Company Money and It Will be Bonus Time for You

No one wants to go back to typing out reports on a typewriter, or using fingers to do calculations. Show that you are looking out for your company’s bottom line by maximizing your time. Would you rather spend hours typing in data, or use a program that will automatically do the work for you? Go and get a coffee, maybe bring your boss one too. When you come back to your desk the work will be done and that four or five hours you saved can be used more effectively on other projects. This kind of time management makes you look like the office superstar. Before you know it, you’ll be showing your new assistant how to use the software you’ve discovered while you move into that corner office.

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