Happy Birthday! PDF2XL is 5 Years Old

Posted by Lior Weinstein on Monday, Oct 11th, 2010
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Happy Birthday! PDF2XL is 5 Years Old

Dear Friends,

This month Cogniview is celebrating the 5th Birthday of PDF2XL – our flagship product.

It’s not that we always had PDF2XL, the truth is that Cogniview started as an Enterprise software company that aimed to sell its Enterprise-Level software products to IT departments in large organizations.

We spent a lot of money on flamboyant marketing campaigns, well-dressed sales people and a variety of other time/money wasters.

After 5 years of struggles that created a huge hole in our bank account, we woke up and realized we had to survive. So we turned to our customers that said…Make us a decent PDF to Excel converter. So we thought – why not, let’s give it a try … and this how PDF2XL was created.

Since then, PDF2XL licenses were bought by more than 20,000 companies in a variety of industries all over the globe.

We are thankful to our customers, our employees, our partners and our blog readers who have contributed their time, energy and resources to help Cogniview achieve so many successes.

So, Let the party begin. And here are the party gifs…

We would be overjoyed if you would consider leaving PDF2XL a birthday greeting on this Blog post. And to make the birthday even more festive, we are also giving $20 Amazon Gift Cards to the authors of the 10 nicest greetings.

And the best greeting will also win a Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device!

So, we invite you to share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment on this post.


Yoav Ezer


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