Go Green on World Environment Day

Posted by Lior Weinstein on Wednesday, Jun 5th, 2013
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Go Green on World Environment Day
World Environment Day

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Today is World Environment Day. The United Nations Environment Programme has designated today to raise awareness for environmental action. Thinking green should happen every day. Start with one small act and make a change.





There are all kinds of awareness days to remind people of the ecological crisis we are facing. You may be tired of hearing about it, or perhaps you just ignore the call to action from various environmental groups. Earth Day passed you by, Arbor Day came and went and you didn’t plant a tree. You really don’t pay attention.

Why should you start now? Maybe you are just too busy running your business or working in a high stress job that takes all of your energy, so the last thing you want to think about is solar energy.


If concern for the environment doesn’t reach you, maybe this will: Plenty of ways to go green are painless. They don’t require a great deal of thought or investment in time. Even better, some methods of going green actually save you time and money. That means you will be able to take the hour or two off work and do something fun.

Start at the place you go to everyday, the one that is causing you all this stress to begin with. Is your office piled high with papers that beg to be attended to? Do you misplace contracts or reports because that pile just keeps growing and you really don’t have the fight left in you do go through the mess?

Green Office

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Go paperless. Pooh pooh that, you say. There is no such thing as a paperless office, that is something the environmentalists made up.

Maybe there is no such thing as a 100 percent paper free office, but many companies are making the change and reaping the benefits. Deep in your heart you realize this, even though you don’t think of it. For example, when was the last time you received a paper bill from your utilities company or your mobile carrier? Most are sending bills by email. Many of your suppliers are also doing the same thing.

Going Green in the Office Infographic

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You can bet that your clients would also like to receive less paper. By making small changes, such as using innovative software, you can cut down on that mountain of paper. A PDF to Excel converter is one example. By using this software, instead of printing out all of those PDF files so your employees can input massive amounts of data into a spreadsheet, your staff can convert the information digitally.

Not only does this save a load of paper, which saves you money, it also save hours that your employees would spend manually inputting the data. Now that is a stress relief and a time saver for both of you. Maybe you could take your employees out for a drink or a picnic in the park, or you could spend the afternoon helping to clean up the shore of your local river.

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