Accountants, Don’t Tax Yourself Anymore! PDF2XL Converts Invoices and Receipts into Excel Sheets You Can Edit

Posted by Lior Weinstein on Wednesday, Jul 24th, 2013
Category : PDF to Excel Converter

Whether its tax season, time for annual reports or a surprise audit, PDF2XL has made accounting as simple as can be, by letting accountants and other tax professionals extract data from PDF and scanned documents.

Here are just a few reasons why PDF2XL makes tax season a breeze:

1. Extract necessary information from receipts, invoices and more, instead of retyping it

With PDF2XL, CPAs can sift through hundreds of documents, including scanned ones, and extract the relevant data. PDF2XL lets you  manipulate table structures so that you can organize your data in a more convenient and efficient manner, extracting only the data you want.

Filing Your Taxes Online

2. Time is money – Bulk-convert scanned documents to Excel

Create layouts for commonly used PDFs, scan them and convert them in bulk into Excel sheets. PDF2XL also features a merge command which can combine multiple PDFs to one Excel spreadsheet, so when tax season rolls around your CPA will be able to scan multiple invoices to Excel with ease.

3. Less clutter means higher productivity – Digitize Tax Data

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows you to digitize all your data, thus making regular paper documents obsolete. In addition, OCR Validation ensures the integrity of your scanned invoices by confirming the data before you convert it to a neat and organized Excel spreadsheet.

For these reasons (and countless others) PDF2XL saves you and your accountant time, thus significantly lowering the cost of arduous labor come tax season. It doesn’t take an accountant to figure out that time and money saved is a winning combination for both you and your company.

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