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Large files can take several minutes to convert. Once completed, your converted file will be sent to your email.


Try our free desktop version to experience these benefits:

– Flexible layouts allow you to convert unstructured data into tables
– Keep your files securely on your computer
– Batch convert several files at once
– And more!


Not all spreadsheets convert!

If you have a complex PDF document, it may require one of our full featured products. Document didn’t look the way you planned? Get in touch here.

Top quality conversion!

PDF to Word conversion can be difficult. To provide the best quality, we partnered with the best solution provider on the market: Solid Documentscheck out their site here.

Windows, Mac and Linux!

To upload, drag your PDF onto the drop area or just click the button to choose your file, then let your PDF convert into an editable Word document that you can download.

Your files are safe with us!

Your privacy is important to us. We always delete files from our servers one hour after processing has completed. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

Conversion in the cloud

All our servers in the cloud are processing PDF non-stop. You don’t need to install anything and we do all the work for you. Nice, isn’t it?

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