Building a Spreadsheet Present for Father’s Day

Posted by Lior Weinstein on Friday, Jun 14th, 2013
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Building a Spreadsheet Present for Father’s Day
Father's Day 2013

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Some men are difficult to buy for, so you have to come up with something original. This Father’s Day, give your dad something innovative. A PDF to Excel converter makes the perfect gift for fathers who use Excel. Take the time to make your father some spreadsheets to document his collection or track his favorite activity. Dad will be thrilled.




Forget that shirt that he will never wear, or a boring pair of slippers. Think outside the box by thinking in the box — the tiny boxes that form an Excel spreadsheet.

If your father is a bookkeeper, owns his own business, or works as an accountant, a PDF to Excel converter makes the perfect gift. Software is a fabulous present because it frees up your dad’s time and makes life easier.

Excel Golf Scores

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You can also spend some time making spreadsheets for dad that will allow him to organize his life.

  • If your father collects sports memorabilia or other items, catalog his collection for him.
  • Some people have very expensive collections, and cataloging them is an excellent way to have documentary evidence in case of a theft or fire. The insurance company will appreciate the list. By using a PDF to Excel converter, you can add photos and descriptions of the items.
Record Collector

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    • Is your dad an audiophile who still collects vinyl albums? Help him document his collection of old LPs. You can even take a photograph of those album covers, or find one online and add it to the spreadsheet. You may not like dad’s taste in music, but those vintage rock or old blues records are irreplaceable.
    • Make your dad some spreadsheets to help him track his golf scores.
    • Does dad like to bet on a fantasy football league, occasionally bet on the ponies or indulge himself once in a while with some other form of sports betting? Excel is a great way to build betting tools or calculators.

  • Maybe your dad is a widower and needs some help around the house, or he is on a diet and doesn’t stick to it. If he is an older gentleman, he may be getting a bit forgetful. By putting together some spreadsheet calendars and reminders, you aren’t just giving him a gift, you are improving his life. Mark yourself into that reminder to come and visit him more often and help him out with cooking or other chores.

A gift that shows you have put a lot of thought into it, created it yourself, or personalized it in some way sure beats something you purchased at the local mall. Many people think about making spreadsheets to keep track of their lives, but we often get too busy to put them together. A PDF to Excel converter makes it fast and easy.

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