5 Tools that Will Make You Work Less and Do More

Posted by Lior Weinstein on Thursday, Mar 6th, 2014
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5 Tools that Will Make You Work Less and Do More

work less do moreOne of the secrets many of us would love to learn about life is, how to work less, and get more done. The fact that this is essentially an oxymoron leads many of us to dismiss there actually being a way to make this a reality. While there is no magic solution to getting everything we need done without doing much, there is most certainly a way of cutting back the work we put in and getting the same results had we done that extra “work.” Here are the 5 golden rules.



Make Time Slots With Deadlines

A great way of limiting how much time you work is by actually limiting the amount of time you work! This means designating time slots for doing various tasks including short simples ones, as well as larger and more complex projects. Give yourself a certain amount of time to accomplish something, and when the time is up, stop. You will have a few minutes to finish up, so make the most of that time. After that, it’s on to the next task. The first time might be a little tricky and overwhelming. But in no time at all you will learn to use every single minute as wisely as possible.

Work When Focused, Rest When Tired

Many of us think that working around the clock will help get everything done, and is sometimes necessary. Wrong. We work best when we are rested and focused. That is when we need to work, and only work. No distractions. When we are tired, we need to rest, and only rest. No work. It will not be done properly and you will not be able to rest properly. Working half way does more harm than good, so when you work, make sure you do it right.

Utilize Technology

The quick advancement of technology these days is possibly the biggest gift our generation is given. We live during a fast-paced time, but the various tools available to us thanks to technology can help us do things faster and better. From scanning and converting instead of retyping, to emailing to getting tasks done online; the options are limitless.

Quality Vs. Quantity: Understanding What Takes Preference

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Working less and getting more done can basically boil down to acknowledging when quality is needed and when quantity is needed. Being sloppy is no good and so is being a perfectionist. When the benefits of perfecting the quality greatly outdo the extra time it takes, the time is justified. If however, it is not justified, you know you can get the same results without being such a perfectionist.

Only Use Your Best “Weapons”

When working on a team, it is important to realize that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Instead of forcing someone to do something he or she is simply not good at, go with the sure thing so that it can be done right and quickly.

In the end you will see that much of what you do is just “frills” and is not necessary for doing your job well. When those frills can be exchanged for some quality time with the family, time for yourself, and a little more sleep, you will realize how superfluous those frills really are.

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