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Complementary Software

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Convert Financials

Convert Financials

Analyze financial statements – convert them to Excel and look at the data your way

  • - Convert scanned and native PDFs
  • - Batch document conversion
  • - Split, Merge and Modify tables during conversion
Convert Inventory Lists

Convert Inventory Lists

Supplier inventory lists turn into data that can be tracked, compared and shared

  • - Open Office, CSV, and additional output formats
  • - Top of the line OCR
  • - Pre-conversion preview
Convert Price Lists

Convert Price Lists

Convert a 100-page PDF price list into editable Excel tables in minutes

  • - Extract PDF data at a click
  • - Convert up to 1000 pages per
  • - Create reusable document layouts
Convert Unstructured Data

Convert Unstructured Data

Convert non-tabular data, such as contact lists, into organized Excel tables

  • - Convert invoices, receipts, business cards and more
  • - Share document layouts
  • - Organize any non-tabular data into tables

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