Creating Work/Life Balance With A PDF to Excel Converter

Posted by Lior Weinstein on Friday, Mar 29th, 2013
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Creating Work/Life Balance With A PDF to Excel Converter
Work/Life Balance

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Are you a workaholic? It’s Friday. For some people, this is a holiday weekend. Are you planning on taking work home with you? You need more balance in your life. By using a PDF to Excel converter, you can free up more time for holidays and special occasions.






Some people don’t know when to quit. Are you one of those? More and more of us have blurred the line between work and home by telecommuting or bringing work home evenings or weekends. Part of the problem is that many companies are understaffed. There is so much competition for jobs that people will work themselves ragged to grow their career.

Work/Life Balance Wheel

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Excel is a great tool for managing data and making schedules or lists, but it takes a lot of time to manually input data into cells. Staring at those little squares is hard on your eyes, and all that typing could cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Maybe your back is starting to complain from all the long hours. Give yourself a break.

By using a PDF to Excel converter you can quickly transfer PDF, Word and other documents into a spreadsheet. You’ll cut hours from your workload. You can take all that extra time and use Excel for more creative and fun planning.


Plan your summer vacation. Spreadsheets are great for calculating your holiday budget and planning your itinerary. You can transfer all that information you found on the Internet, such as hotel reviews, travel costs and mileage, into your spreadsheet.

Planning a party? A spreadsheet is perfect for menu planning and guest lists. Many people are using Excel to plan their wedding. Microsoft even provides an Excel Template for wedding planning.

Dancing at a Wedding

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If you have a cottage industry on the side, you are starting a small business or you just have a hobby, you can use Excel to keep track of supplies and orders. Speaking of weddings, maybe you have a side gig as a wedding DJ. Keep track of all your music on Excel. You can plan play-lists for various occasions.

Many of us work and go to school at the same time. That scenario is even more challenging and requires excellent organizational skills. Keep track of your research and projects on different spreadsheets.

Managing your personal life is a bit like managing your career. By using innovative software to bridge the gap between both parts of your life you’ll save money, time and frustration. You’ll be able get the mundane tasks out of the way and have a bit of fun.

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